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Dr. Vimalathithan R, Ph.D,PDF (PDF from University of Padova, Italy)


Consultant for Industry Projects

Product Design & Development

Trainer For GATE( Entire ECE subjects)

Trainer for IB maths

Research Interest

Cryptography, Cryptanalysis, IOT, LoRa, Robotics, EMI/EMC, Antenna Design, and Optimization Techniques.

Strong knowledge in operating Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, DSO, Spectrum Analyzer, Vector Network Analyzer.

Awards and Recognitions

University of Padova, Italy have funded 21,198.00 Euros, to carry out the research under “International Mobility Program for Young Researchers from India and Nepal”

Erasmus Mundus external Co-operation Window(EMECW) Lot13c have sponsored 18,000Euros for Research work at University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy.


United States Patent: US 7,170,849 B1 INTERLEAVER, DEINTERLEAVER, INTERLEAVING METHOD, AND DEINTERLEAVING METHOD FOR OFDM DATA Thangadurai Arivoli; John D. O’Sullivan.Jan. 30, 2007 Cisco Systems Wireless Networking (Australia) Pty Limited, North Sydney, (AU).

Publications | Conferences

Cryptanalysis of Knapsack Cipher Using Genetic Swarm Optimization, International Journal of Electronics and Information Engineering.

Review on Miniature & mm-wave Antennas for LoRa & 5G Wireless Communication,International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, 2018.

Internet of Things and Scope of Machine Learning for IoT: A review, International Journal of Engineering and Technology UAE.

A Survey on Design and Implementations on Low Power Multiply Accumulate Unit (MAC) for Future wireless sensor networks (WSN) “,International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics” Vol.118, 2018.

M2M- A case study, International Journal of Innovative Ideas in Research (IJIIR) ,Vol.1,no.2, Jan2016.

Cryptanalysis of Simplified-AES Encrypted Communication ,International Journal of Computer Science & Information Security(IJCSIS) Vol.13,no.10, Oct 2015.

Polynomial Based Key Distribution Scheme For WPAN, “Malaysian Journal ForMathematical Sciences” (ISSN: 1823 – 8343).July 2013.

Cryptanalysis of S-AES using Particle Swarm Optimization, “Defense Science Journal”, Vol.62 No. 2 Mar2012 pp-117-121.

Cryptanalysis of S-DES using Computational Intelligence, “WSEAS Transaction on Computers”, ISSN: 1109-2750, Issue 7, Volume 10, July 2011.

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Cryptanalysis of S-DES using Genetic Algorithm, “International Journal of Recent Trends in Engineering [ISSN: 1797-9617] by the Academy Publishers, Finland.” Nov 2009 issue Page 76-79.

Smart Water Quality Monitoring using LoRa for Smart Villages,IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid and Smart Cities (ICSGSC), 2018-University of Malaya, Malaysia.

Smart City: Issues and Research Challenges in Implementation, “IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid and Smart Cities (ICSGSC), 2017, NTU, Singapore .

Security Issues in M2M-LoRa Communication,” National Workshop on Cryptology-2017, NIT, Trichy, India.

Analysis of Successive Interference Cancellation in D2D links,” International conference on Green Engineering and Technologies(2016)”, Karpagam college of Engg , Coimbatore.

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Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network for Structural Health Monitoring, “International Conference on Telecommunication Technology and Management (ICTTM 2015)”, Delhi, India.

Efficient Utilization of Solar Energy for M2M Communication, Selected for oral presentation at The International Conference on Renewable Energy Sources and Sustainability, Mauritius.

Attacking Simplified-AES using Genetic Swarm Optimization, “National Workshop on Cryptology 2012”, Vellore, India.

Polynomial Based Key Distribution Scheme for WPAN, “The 3rd International Conference on Cryptology & Computer Security 2012 (Cryptology2012)”, June2012, Langkawi , Malaysia.

Cryptanalysis of DES using Particle Swarm Optimization, “International Cryptology Conference 2010”, July 2010, Melaka, Malaysia.

Design Of Intelligent Robotic Arm Writing Tamil For Physically Challenged ‘A boon for physical ailment’, Tamil Internet 2010, Coimbatore pp-541-546.

Open Space Electromagnetic Interference Measurement using Bi-Normalized Data Reusing Algorithm, “National Conference on Emerging trends in RF & Signal Processing, March 2010 , FISAT”, Kerala.

Cryptanalysis of S-DES using Particle Swarm Optimization, “National Workshop on Cryptology 2010”, Sep 2010, Coimbatore, India.

Efficient Encryption/Decryption using Elliptic Curve Cryptography, ICACS-2007, Jan 2007, GCT Coimbatore, India.

Antenna Array Design Using Genetic Algorithms, International Conference on Resource Utilization and Intelligent Systems, Kongu Engineering College, Jan 2006, Perundurai, Erode, India.

Research Projects

LoRa For Smart Cities .

Machine to Machine Communication .

Smart Dust Bin- Automated Vehicle using LORA.

32 Channel Solar Heater-Temperature Monitoring System.

Solar Panel Monitoring System using IOT.

Secure Communication Protocol for WPAN.

Open Space Electromagnetic Interference Measurement.

Visual Circuit Analyzer.

Adaptive Filter for Noise cancellation using Digital Signal Processor –TMS320C5416 .

Intelligent robotic arm for physically challenged.

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    PDF – University of Padova, Italy

    Ph.D – Anna University

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    Agastiyar Research and Technologies

    #10/60 A,First floor,Balaji Nagar First Main Road,


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