Research Implementation

Ph.D. Project Implementation Assistance

When your research is in the fields like Information Technology, telecommunication, computer sciences, mathematics, etc. you may need to use simulation software to implement the solutions and see if they have desired outcomes. There is a range of simulation software available in the market that can help you fulfill this purpose. However, these software's are also very costly for short term purposes. Also, most of us do not have good knowledge of how this simulation software and the statistical analysis tools work.

In such cases, it fares well for you to seek Project Implementation Assistance from Agastiyar Research and Technologies. We have complete knowledge and expertise over most of the software available. We will be able to help you to find the most appropriate software that will suit your research as well as guide you throughout the implementation and testing process. The range of software that we deal with are-

MATLAB/ Simulink

NS2/ NS3





Xilinx/ Vivado

Cadence/ Spice Tools







H Spice

Lab View



Statistical analysis tools

These are just a few of the many software's that our team expertise in. Hence we will be able to find you the appropriate software according to the objectives of your studies and the data you have collected. First, our team of experts will study your research to understand the requirements of your study. Then, we help you in preparing the models using the software selected for your purpose and assist you in evaluating the outcomes.

When you approach Agastiyar Research and Technologies , we ensure that the person assigned to your purpose has a complete subject matter expertise in your particular academic area. Because we understand that it is the best way to ensure that your research analysis and implementation is in the right hands that understand the requirement from its roots.

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