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Ph.D. Admission assistance

India is known for a lot of things including its rich culture and diversity. However, over the last two decades, India has become one of the most sought after countries when it comes to good quality education. Students from all over the world have been choosing Indian universities and institutions for their master’s and Ph.D. studies. There are many reasons why India is the best country to get your degree among which affordability with low tuition fees, dynamic youth culture that believes in innovation and entrepreneurship, diversity and specialization, increased global recognition, etc. are well known. Another factor is that there are a wide number of universities and colleges that offer a variety of specializations available all over India, and more coming up every year.

The admission process for Ph.D. in India could be a little daunting for aspiring students both from within India as well as International. Ph.D. admission guidance in India is absolutely necessary for you to save time and be right on schedule. Finding a university where you will rightly fit is one a responsibility that we at Agastiyar Research and Technologies are proud to take up. The admission process involves-

Understanding your requirements on which field you want to specialize in.

Providing you with a choice of accredited and well- known universities that offer Ph.D. in your chosen field of specialization.

Apply to the universities of your choice.

Guide you through the eligibility tests and interviews (if any) so that you can find your place in a right university.

Help you with the application and procurement of student visa (in case of a foreign student).

The fees for your Ph.D. in India are usually quite nominal and affordable. In any case, there are also a few university grants and scholarship schemes available for international students that you can feel free to apply for. Accommodation for the period of your studies and research should be personally taken care of, though it is not too tough to find suitable accommodation at affordable rates anywhere in India.

Trust Agastiyar Research and Technologies for your Ph.D. admission guidance in India and rest assured that you will be a part of the most amazing learning culture and youth group in the entire world.

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