Literature Review Writing

Literature review writing

It is an essential part of your research and dissertation as it is the stage where you try to distinguish if there is any learning gaps in your education and knowledge sources. In this stage you are expected to read, understand and analyze a number of research papers already published in the field of your studies. The study material for the literature review basically depends on your topic selection and your base paper. Typically most people refer to an average of 10 to 20 research papers to be able to complete the literature review section in their dissertation that is interesting and compelling enough.

Typically there are 5 types of literature reviews-

Systematic literature reviews.

Traditional literature reviews.

Narrative literature reviews.



The first trouble faced in the literature review stage is to find a set of relevant and high quality papers and articles to review win the first place. One has to scour the internet quite extensively to find such interesting and relevant research papers. We at Agastiyar Research and Technologies have a team of experts dedicated to research paper writing service . They know exactly how and where to find the relevant literature for your chosen research topic.

Secondly, it also takes a lot of time and commitment to write a literature review with all the relevant information mentioned at all the right places and not to forget, giving due credit to the original author wherever required is equally important to avoid problems related to plagiarism. At Agastiyar Research and Technologies , we understand everything that takes to complete a top grade Literature review that forms the strong backbone for your research and dissertation. So, by approaching us, you can rest assured that the responsibility for your literature review is in capable hands.

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