Topic Selection, Base paper selection, and Problem statement

An excellent Ph.D. dissertation is not just about the hours and the hard work you put into it because none of it matters unless you have selected a unique, convincing and attention-grabbing topic.

Selecting a great topic for your Ph.D. dissertation is the first step and also the toughest. We all know that almost everything known to mankind today is already researched and studied thoroughly by researchers and doctorates over the years. Being unique and cutting out a spot for yourself in this crowd is very challenging.

You do not have to worry any longer as we come to your rescue. Developing a Topic or base paper selection is made easier with Agastiyar Research and Technologies . We help with drafting a unique and interesting topic based on your research. Our services promise a topic that is

Relevant to your studies and your research.

Contributes to the area of your research with great insights.

Interesting enough to grab the attention of the evaluators.

Unique and at the same time completely manageable by you.

It is very important that the topic chosen is absolutely and completely relevant to your research. Hence we at Agastiyar Research and Technologies encourage our customers to come to us with a basic outline of topics related to their research. It could be a general subject area or a more specific set of topics, even examples from previously submitted dissertations. Taking this subject and coming up with unique topics, ideas for base paper selection and ideas for problem-solving will be a combined effort.

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