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Research Proposal writing

Outlining the proposal of your research or your dissertation topic is an important step to both your evaluation committee as well as for you. The research proposal is the stage where you lay things straight and make things clear about what it is that you are studying and researching, how you are going to go about it and what are the outcomes that can be expected out of this research. This in itself explains why a clearly outlined research proposal is essential for the successful completion of your dissertation. If there is even a hint that your research topic does not have any impactful outcome, then you could lose the trust of your evaluating committee.

A perfect Research proposal outlines the following-

The topic you have chosen and why.

The literature and knowledge resources that you will be consulting.

The methods in which you will be collecting the required data and your sample size.

Your research methods

The theories used and the assumptions, in which case you will mention the validity issues involved.

How you will be analyzing the data collected and the tools you will be using to do so.

Probable results, outcomes and conclusions from this research.

While the Ph.D. proposal is essential to convince your evaluators of the importance and relevance of your research, it also serves as a guideline to you throughout your research. When you approach Agastiyar Research and Technologies, know how to write a research proposal that stands out. We will take it upon ourselves to draw a research proposal that adheres to the guidelines as well as creates a lasting impression on the evaluation committee.

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