Embedded System TOPICS

A Location-Based Smart Shopping System with IoT Technology

A Low Power IoT Network for Smart Agriculture

A novel and Secure Smart Parking Management System (SPMS) based on integration of WSN, RFID, and IoT

Implement Smart Farm with IoT Technology

IoT agriculture system based on LoRaWAN

IoT based Car Pollution Detection Using AWS

IOT Based Controlling of Hybrid Energy System using ESP8266

Iot Based Smart Crop-Field Monitoring And Automation Irrigation System

IoT based Smart Home Automation System using Sensor Node

IoT-enabled Smart Lighting Systems for Smart Cities

Smart Parking Using IoT Technology

Statistical Analysis of CO2 Emission Based on Road Grade, Acceleration and Vehicle Specific Power for Public Utility Vehicles: An IoT Application

Synchronization of IoT layers for Structural Health Monitoring

Advanced IOT Based Combined Remote Health Monitoring, Home Automation and Alarm System

An IoT based Patient Health Monitoring System

Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring System as an IoT edge device

Intelligent Medicine Box For Medication Management Using IoT

MEDIBOX – IoT Enabled Patient Assisting Device

A sewer sensor monitoring system based on embedded system

Agricultural Environment Monitoring System using Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT

An ARM Based Wireless Sensors Network for Monitoring of Plants Health

Approximation and Temperature Control System via an Actuator and a Cloud: An Application Based on the IoT for Smart Houses

Factory Automation and Irrigation Control in an IoT Environment

IoT Based Intelligent Agriculture Field Monitoring System

Optimizing Routine Collection Efficiency in IoT based Garbage Collection Monitoring Systems

Security and Privacy Solution for I-RFID based Smart Infrastructure Health Monitoring

The Development of Quail Eggs Smart Incubator for Hatching System based on Microcontroller and Internet of Things (IoT)

Android Based PLC Data Monitoring Interface with Industrial Data Communication Ports

Design and Development of Portable Spirometer

Design and Implementation of IoT Based Smart Laboratory

Development of a Novel Approach to Enhance the performance of real time intelligent Telemetry based Irrigation System

Development of Device for Gesture To Speech Conversion For The Mute Community

Door automation system based on speech command and PIN using Android smartphone

Sensor Failure Detection and Faulty Data Accommodation Approach for Instrumented Wastewater Infrastructures

Sensor Systems for PHM

A Mobile ZigBee Module In a Traffic Control System

Application of Distributed Wireless Chloride Sensors to Environmental Monitoring: Initial Results

Auto Calibrated Head Orientation Controller for Robotic-Wheelchair Using MEMS Sensors and Embedded Technologies

Configurable ZigBee-based Control System for People with Multiple Disabilities in Smart Homes

Development of Traffic Light Control Algorithm in Smart Municipal Network

Embedded control system for smart walking assistance device

Energy Efficient Outdoor Light Monitoring and Control Architecture Using Embedded System

FPGA-Based Architecture for a Multisensory Barrier to Enhance Railway Safety

Long range VLC temperature monitoring system using CMOS of mobile device camera

New Applications of an Automated System for High-Power LEDs

Preprocessing Design in Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor-Based Human-Tracking System: On Sensor Selection and Calibration

Real-Time Patient Health Monitoring and Alarming Using Wireless-Sensor- Network

Research on Parallel Control Mechanism and Its Implementation in ATP

Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring and Tracking System using GSM/GPS Technologies

Smart Traffic Light Control System

An Experimental Study on the PID and Fuzzy-PID Controllers on a Designed Two-Wheeled Self-Balancing Autonomous Robot

AnyClimb: A New Wall-Climbing Robotic Platform for Various Curvatures

Automatic Toll E-Ticketing System For Transportation Systems

Design and Implementation of a System Access Control by RFID

Embedded System Design Of A Real-Time Parking Guidance System

Gait Generation with Smooth Transition Using CPG-Based Locomotion Control for Hexapod Walking Robot

Mixed Integer Programming-Based Semi autonomous Step Climbing of a Snake Robot Considering Sensing Strategy

Smart Lighting: Developing A Smarter Control Mechanism For Park Trail Lighting

Smart Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring And Tracking System Using Gsm/Gps Technologies

Turning the internet of (my) things into a remote controlled laboratory

A Computationally Low Cost Vision Based Tracking Algorithm for Human Following Robot

A Remote Lab for Teaching Mechanics

Computer Vision Approach Based Speed Limit Assistant

Cost Effective Digital Signage System using Low Cost Information Device

Design of an IoT-Based E-Learning Tested

Development of a Highly Accurate and Low Cost Measurement Device for Field Operational Tests

Development of a Portable Near Infrared Camera for Early Detection of Diabetic Ulcers

Open-Source Smart Home Modules

Quick Find: Fast and Contact-free Object Detection Using a Depth Sensor

Road Sign Recognition System on Raspberry Pi

A neural network and IoT based scheme for performance assessment in Internet of Robotic Things

An IoT-based Scheme for Real Time Indoor Personal Exposure Assessment

Design And Implementation Of Interoperable Iot Healthcare System Based On International Standards

Developing An Open Access Monitoring Device For Off-Grid Renewables

Effective Ways To Use Internet Of Things In The Field Of Medical And Smart Health Care

Improving The Security Of Wireless Sensor Networks In An Iot Environmental Monitoring System

Improving the Security of Wireless Sensor Networks in an IoT Environmental Monitoring System

Interoperability of IoT Wireless Technologies in Ambient Assisted Living Environments

Intuitive Iot-Based H2u Healthcare System For Elderly People

IoT Healthcare Analytics: The Importance of Anomaly Detection

Navigating The Challenges Of Internet Of Things (Iot) For Power And Energy Systems

Point-N-Press: An Intelligent Universal Remote Control System For Home Appliances

Rfid-Based Book Finder

Secure Data Analytics for Cloud- Integrated Internet of Things Applications

Smart Parking System For Internet Of Things

The Future of Ultra-Wideband Localization in RFID

Water Level Meter For Alerting Population About Floods

Coexistence Of Wifi And Lifi Toward 5g: Concepts, Opportunities, And Challenges

Impact Of Vlc On Light Emission Quality Of White Leds

Implementation Of Zigbee-Vlc System To Support Light Control Network Configuration

Inter-Building Plc-Vlc Integration Based On Psk And Csk Techniques

Stereo Audio Streaming Via Visible Light

Uncoordinated Multiple Access Scheme For Vlc Systems With Positioning Capability

A Lightweight Robotic Arm With Pneumatic Muscles For Robot Learning

A Two-Fingered Underactuated Anthropomorphic Manipulator Based On Human Precision Manipulation Motions

Design And Manufacture Of Bio-Mimic Robotic Fish

Enhancing Human-Robot Interaction by Interpreting Uncertain Information in Navigational Commands Based on Experience and Environment

Fall Detection And Prevention Control Using Walking-Aid Cane Robot

Integration Of Structural Health Monitoring And Intelligent Transportation Systems For Bridge Condition Assessment: Current Status And Future Direction

Line Detecting And Tracking Of A Mobile Robot With Multiple Rgb-D Cameras

Methodology Of Embedded System Design For Underwater Vehicle

Mobile Robot For Retail Inventory Using Rfid

Optimized Assistive Human–Robot Interaction Using Reinforcement Learning

Planar Path Following Of Underwater Snake Robots In The Presence Of Ocean Currents

The Soft-SixthFinger: a Wearable EMG Controlled Robotic Extra-Finger for Grasp Compensation in Chronic Stroke Patients

Wirelessly Controlled Mines Detection Robot

A Mobile Zigbee Module In A Traffic Control System

A Novel Wireless Multifunctional Electronic Current Transformer Based On Zigbee-Based Communication

Configurable Zigbee-Based Control System For People With Multiple Disabilities In Smart Homes

The Design Of Building Fire Monitoring System Based On Zigbee-Wifi Networks

Wireless Gas Leak Detection And Localization

Wireless Power Transmission For Multiple Devices

Zigbee Network System For Observing Operating Activities Of Work Vehicles

A Mobile Zigbee Module In A Traffic Control System

Automatic Oil Tank Truck Alarm System From Illegal Fuel Hoarding With Microcontroller And GSM Module Based System

GPS Based Autonomous Vehicle Navigation And Control System

Navigating The Challenges Of Internet Of Things (Iot) For Power And Energy Systems

Smart Vehicle Security System For Defending Against Collaborative Attacks By Malware

Train Ticket Gate System Employing Optical Wireless Communications

A Mobile Robot Which Can Follow And Lead Human By Detecting User Location And Behavior With Wearable Devices

Abnormal Moving Vehicle Detection For Driver Assistance System In Nighttime Driving

Blind User Wearable Audio As Distance For Indoor Navigation Based On Visual Markers And Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection

A Fuzzy-Based Building Automation Control System

A Low Cost Smart Irrigation Control System

Analysis Of Influence On Driver Behaviour While Using In-Vehicle Traffic Lights With Application Of Head-Up Display

Automatic Rationing System

Design And Fabrication Of An Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle

Likelihood-Field-Model-Based Dynamic Vehicle Detection And Tracking For Self-Driving

Robust Multirate On-Road Vehicle Localization For Autonomous Highway Driving Vehicles

Smartphone: The Key To Your Connected Smart Home

Automatic Evaluating of Water Quality using IoT.

Auto-Park: Autonomous Self Parking Vehicle without Human Driver Control

Consumer Power Monitoring and controlling system to save power according to the demand.

Digital notice board in colleges and schools by implementing IoT with audio alert system.

Electrical grid intact improved maximum demand control using IoT.

Implementing Intelligent Traffic Control System for Congestion Control, Ambulance Clearance, and Stolen Vehicle Detection

IoT based watt meter statement for billing and power management.

Remote monitoring and diagnosis system for wind turbines using IoT

Robot control and fetch information from underground coal mine and safety alert system.

Solar Power and Wind power Management system using wireless personal area network and IoT.

Surveillance robot control from remote location using IoT for military operations.

Wearable precise health monitoring using IoT and alert systems.

Wi-Fi based A Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial Monitoring

180˚ view robot for landmine detection and alert system using JAVA application using wireless camera.

Advanced driver assistance systems for automobiles using WPAN.

Anterior smoke diving Robot to firefighters for vision in smoke-filled buildings.

Future power grid and load control system using smart phones form solar and wind energy.

Gesture controlled car driving system to assist the physically challenged

ITCS: Signaling and communications for locomotives using low rate wireless personal area network.

Mangalyaan Robot for plantation and developing oxygen for human surveillance by WSAN

Multi sensor in locomotives for explosive detection and explorer avoider using de-clamping in WPAN.

Self-Detect and Auto Control voice alert for Aircraft Collusion Prevention System Using RSSI.

Application of Radio Frequency Controlled Intelligent Military Robot in Defense

An Intelligent Mobile Robot Navigation Technique Using RF Technology

Rail robot: autonomous robot can clean and monitor your railway tracks data base to smart Phone.

Wheel chair and home appliance control system for physical challenged peoples using WPAN.

Adaptive Traffic Light Preemption for Emergency Vehicles using Zigbee Wireless sensor network

Biomedical Signal Acquisition(ECG, Heart Rate) using ZigBee

Biomedical Signals Monitoring Based in Mobile Computing

GPS less Navigation System for Multi-Floor Indoor Positioning during Urban Combat Operations.

H2O line grid to prevent water wastage and water eMETER system in metros by using MDM technique.

Impulsive drive in self-propelled systems using wireless.

Intelligent Spy Robot using zigbee

Lower powered ad hoc network for wild life tracking and passageway obviate methodology

Metal Detection Robot Control Using Zigbee wireless Technology

Monitoring and alarming systems based on Zigbee Technology

Multi-Robots Communication System Based On multi node wireless Zigbee Network

PC controlled pick and place robot

PC controlled SPY Robot Using Wireless webcam

Real time monitoring and data acquisition for ship using ad hoc network.

Remote weather monitoring system design using zigbee

Secured Wireless Communication for Industrial Automation and Control

Sensor subordinate illumination control system for power management and RFID subordinate attendance system using WSN for hireling.

Smart Guardian: helps parents to keep kids in virtual boundary sounding using RSSI.

The application of Wireless sensor network based on Zigbee in Petrochemical industry field

Wireless Automation of Unmanned Railway Crossing Gate Alert System

Wireless DC Buck Converter using ZigBee Remote Control System

Wireless Wheel Speed Control using Zigbee Remote Control System

Anti Theft System for Electronic Equipments using Inertial MEMS Sensor and ZigBee

Human Recognition Using RFID Technology and Stereo Vision

Safety of valuable things using Zigbee and MEMS sensors

ZigBee File Transmission using Stream Cipher Cryptography

Adaptive Tire coerces Scrutiny System using WSN (wireless sensor network).

Architecture Escort: Structure And Sesimic Monitoring System With Improved In Wireless Sensor Network

GPS less Automotive Crash-Warning zone alert and Equipment Using WPN and GSM.

Next generation transport systems for public safety and surveillance eye for 108 in automotive.

Riverside Network for Early Flood Warning System based on ARM Cortex M3, WSN and GSM

Rural and Urban bus arrival and departure system for metro using WPAN and GSM.

Sand Box: Sand theft monitoring and prevention system with alert system using radio frequency grid.

Territorial Collateral system for schools and colleges with GSM Alert using WPAN.

Future empowers for gestation using power line commutation for health care.

Global warming Guard: environment parameters monitoring using cable robot IN WPAN and PLC

High power arc free switching in industries and power distribution using PLC.

Home appliance control and monitoring power usage control using Power line communication.

Debris and Eutrophication Control for Industrial Environmental Monitering IoT

Maximum demand control using and over load identification using power line communication.

Power cable car: futuristic public transit pods pickup and drop by power line communication.

Power line communication based home automation system

Solar Power and Wind power Management system using Power line communication.

TDT: Data Remote Monitoring by Power Line communication in Locomotives and Notification system.

Unmanned nuclear power plant area for safety and Remote access using power line communication.

Cost net deep sea fishermen patrol system for coastal positioning fishery.

GPS Patrol: Deep Sea Fishermen Patrol System for Coastal Intruder Positioning and Inshore Fishery Control

Hand Talk Intelligent sign language recognition for deaf and dumb to interact by smart phones.

Iswimband: automatic waist airbag drowning prevention system based on underwater monitor system using smartphone.

Key less data acquisition for automobiles using wireless fidelity using smart phone

On-board diagnostic tool: Power on self-test for automotive using smart phone in WPAN.

Real-Time Gait Feedback and Training kit via smart phones for physical fitness in graphical representation

Self-scheduled performance monitoring of distributed solar panel.

Smart ware coma patient health monitoring in hospitality for doctors perceive.

Driverless Intelligent Vehicle for Future Public Transport: GPS Guided Autopilot Robotic Implementation.

Embedded systems headset to help blind people navigate cities using wireless fidelity and smart phone android

GPS Less Street Positioning System for Restaurant and ATM Locating based on ARM Cortex M3 and WPAN

Home appliance Control using WPAN for energy management via Bluetooth and android Application.

Robot cash gate in ATM for safety using wireless fidelity digital card amount withdrawal.

Smart Electronic Notice Board for colleges and office using Wi-Fi using Wireless Personal Area Network

Smart Ware Perceive patient hospitality using wireless fidelity for doctors.

Smart ware road hazard warning for velocipede with advance control system using wireless fidelity.

Super-lock next generation auto theft prevention system using smart gravitational lock vehicle.

Swarmbots: Multi-Robot Mapping Exploration for First-Responder in Military Operations.

Wi-Fi telematics for locomotives path surveillance with exact location by GPS and GSM

Authentication And Access Control System For Security Personnel Using RFID

Authorized home appliances control based RFID.

Examination room guide using RFID for the jumbling system based Exams.

Paperless E-Cash Management System By Using An RFID Technology.

RFID based automatic Bus Ticketing system.

RFID based student no dues status checking and paying system and displaying.

Robust and efficient password-authenticated key agreement using smart cards for campus management.

Smart card based access control.

Abnormal Heart Rate Detection and Alert System using GSM.

An Embedded system and RFID solution for transport related issues.

Building Automation System using GSM Enabled Mobile Phone.

Design of Auto -guard systems based on RFID and network.

GSM Based Train Tracking System

Remote home security system based on WSN and GSM technology

Remote notice board implementation using gsm communication

Wireless Gas Leakage Monitoring System

Adaptive cruise control system using ultra sonic based distance sensor

Automatic room light controller with visitor counter using PIC.

Coin based cell phone charger.

Distributed Sensor for Steering Wheel Grip Force Measurement in Driver Fatigue Detection.

Electronic Medical Record for Effective Patient Monitoring Database.

Wireless Precision Stepper motor control using RF 433 MHz.

A robot motion authoring using finger-robot interaction.

Design and Implementation of PYRO-electric Infrared Sensor based Security System.

Design of Monitoring System for Coal Mine Safety Based on Wireless Sensor Network.

Greenhouse monitoring and controlling system.

Intelligent Car Security System.

Radio-Controlled Surveillance System For border.

Smart Room Controller using Human Presence Detector.

SMS based Remote Fuel Cutoff for Stolen Vehicles.

Solar Highway Lighting System with Auto Turn Off On Day Time with LCD Display.

Super-Lock: Next Generation Auto Theft Prevention System using Smart Gravitational Lock, Cryptographic Keyless Entry, Touchscreen Ignition, Ubiquitous Vehicle Tracking, GPS fencing and Remote Fuel Cut-off.

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