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Dr. Arivoli T, Ph.D. (M.Sc & Ph.D From IISC,Bangalore)


More than 30 years of comprehensive experience in Industry (24) and Academic Institutions (8).

Working experience in India and Abroad.

Qualifications and experience have been recognized for the position of Professor by Anna University .

Anna University recognized supervisor for Ph.D in VLSI and Communication systems.

Sound knowledge in the field of Semiconductor Devices, digital electronics.

Teaching experience for UG and PG.

Experience in complete cycle of digital ASIC design: Architecture design to Post-silicon testing.

Excellent time management skills with proven ability to work accurately and quickly prioritize, coordinate and consolidate tasks; resilient with a high level of personal integrity.


United States Patent: US 7,170,849 B1 INTERLEAVER, DEINTERLEAVER, INTERLEAVING METHOD, AND DEINTERLEAVING METHOD FOR OFDM DATA Thangadurai Arivoli; John D. O’Sullivan.Jan. 30, 2007 Cisco Systems Wireless Networking (Australia) Pty Limited, North Sydney, (AU).

Research Publication (Total 30+)

A 2.5 GHz LNA Design Using 0.13 μm Technology, TV Shank, T Arivoli, Proceedings of International Conference on Electronics 191, 2012 .

LTE broadcast channel designusing System Generator,P.C.Vijay Ganesh, T.Arivoli, IJCAE , Mach ,2012 .

A Single Chip PHY COFDM Modem for IEEE 802.11a with Integrated ADCs and DACs, Philip Ryan, Thangadurai Arivoli, Ludovico de Souza, Gordon Foyster, Richard Keaney, Tom McDermott, Alireza

Moini, Said Al-Sarawi, Uri Parker, Geoff Smith, Neil Weste, Greg Zyner, 2001 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference.

A single chip DMT modem for high-speed WLANs, T Arivoli, M Bickerstaff, PJ Ryan, T McDermott, N Weste, DJ Skellern, and T.M. Percival, Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, 1998. Proceedings of the IEEE 1998, 9-11 .

A 50MHz 16-point FFT Processor for WLAN Applications, N.Weste, M.Bickerstaff, T. Arivoli, P.J. Ryan, J.Dalton, D.J. Skellern, and T.M. Percival,IEEE Custom Integrated Circuits Conference, 1997.

Magnetoresistors based on magnetic composite materials, T Arivoli, K Ramkumar, M Satyam, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 21 (4), 636- 640, 1988 .

Magnetoresistors based on composites,T Arivoli, K Ramkumar, M Satyam, Journal of Physics D Applied Physics 19 (9), 183-185, 1986 .

Negative resistance characteristics in JFET, T ARIVOLI, K RAMKUMAR, M SATYAM, AEU. Archiv für Elektronik und Übertragungstechnik 38 (5), 1984.

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    Ph.D – Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

    M.E – Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

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    Agastiyar Research and Technologies

    #10/60 A,First floor,Balaji Nagar First Main Road,


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